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How to Fix “You Require Permission From To Make Changes To This File”

How to Fix “You Require Permission From To Make Changes To This File | You can depend on Windows to throw massively annoying errors at you an internet to try and do the simplest of things. For instance, deleting a folder! I could to delete a folder on my own Windows 7 machine and I ended up being getting the next error message:

Cannot delete folder. You need permission to perform this action

You Require Permission From To Make Changes To This File

You Require Permission From To Make Changes To This File

Therefore the administrator from the computer needs permission to delete a folder created by the administrator? Thanks Windows. Obviously, my first thought was obviously a permissions issue, but discovering how Windows works, you’ll never trust the big mistake message either. Unfortunately, when dealing with the “There isn’t permission” issue, it’s either a proper permission issue or this is because the file or folder is locked by way of a process.

Step 1: Get access to the built-in administrator account, which you can do by following these steps:

  1. Go to Control Panel > System and Security > Administrative Tools
  2. On the left panel, go to Local Users and Groups > Users; you should now see a list of users on your computer
  3. Right-click the Administrator account which shows up in the list and go to Properties
  4. Uncheck ‘Account is Disabled’ and confirm by pressing OK
Step 2: Log on to your newly-enabled administrator account
Step 3: Now we begin setting-up the security settings that will allow you to delete that folder that was (perhaps) once owned by SYSTEM:
  1. I’ll make an assumption that you want to delete a folder and all its sub-folders along
  2. Right-click the folder
  3. Go to the Security tab on the top
  4. Click the Advanced button that’s at the bottom
Step 4: The first part of setting-up the security settings is to set the owner of the folder:
  1. Go to the Owner tab on the top
  2. Click the Edit button that’s at the bottom
  3. There should be a list of accounts to pick from to change ownership to, this is located under the label ‘Change owner to:’
  4. The entry ‘Administrator (YOURCOMPUTERNAME\Administrator)’ should be there; if not then we have to add it into the list:
    • Click the ‘Other users or groups…’ button that’s at the bottom
    • Under the label ‘Enter the object name to select (examples):’, there should be a text field that you can type in; type in ‘Administrator’ (without the quotes of course)
    • Click the ‘Check Names’ button that’s on the right; ‘Administrator (YOURCOMPUTERNAME\Administrator)’ should now be there _by itself_; well if not, then you have to delete the line which does not represent the administrator account you’re in right now
    • Confirm by pressing OK; it’ll now appear on the list of accounts you can select from
  5. Now select ‘Administrator (YOURCOMPUTERNAME\Administrator)’ from that list
  6. Check ‘Replace owner on subcontainers and objects’ to propagate our change
  7. Press OK to confirm; a message should now pop-up, indicating that you have to re-open Properties. Do so by pressing on all the OK buttons you see
Step 5: Now that we’ve set the owner of the folder, we’re still not done. There’s one key step left which is to remove inheritable permissions:
  1. Repeat step 3 to get to re-open Properties and get to ‘Advanced Security Settings’
  2. Go to the Permissions tab on the top
  3. Click the ‘Change Permissions’ button that’s at the bottom
  4. At the bottom, there should be 2 checkboxes:
    • ‘Include inheritable permissions from this object’s parent’: Un-check this; when you do so, you’ll get a warning about parent settings not being able to propagate. Select ‘Add’
    • ‘Replace all child object permissions with inheritable permissions from this object’: Check-this
  5. Confirm by pressing OK. Windows will warn you again this time; hit OK
  6. Confirm again by pressing OK; now you should arrive at Properties again
Now you should not have any warnings about SYSTEM not giving you permission while trying to perform actions on that folder.
All the checkboxes for changing permissions on accounts (Properties > Security > Edit) should now be enabled, and you can tinker around with it.

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