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Something Wicked this Way Comes Poem

Something-Wicked-this-Way-Comes-Poem-Ray-BradburyLet’s become familiar with Ray Bradbury:
Raymond Douglas “Ray” Bradbury (August 22, 1920 – June 5, 2012) was an American fantasy, sci-fi, horror and mystery fiction author. Well known for his dystopian novel Fahrenheit 451 and also his sci-fi and horror story collections The Martian Chronicles.Bradbury was probably the most celebrated 20th., and 21st., century American writers. Bradbury also wrote a horror novel by the same in 1962 about two teenage friends and experience every time a traveling carnival concerns town, I’ve not make out the print but it really sounds amazing! Totally sounds just like a good book for Halloween!

Crystal water turns to dark
Where ere it’s presence leaves it’s mark
And boiling currents pound like drums
When something wicked this way comes…A presence dark invades the fair
And gives the horses ample scare
Chaos rains and panic fills the air
When something wicked this way comes…

Ill winds mark it’s fearsome flight,
And autumn branches creak with fright.
The landscape turns to ashen crumbs,
When something wicked this way comes…

Flowers bloom as black as night
Removing color from your sight
Nightmarish vines block your way
Thorns reach out to catch their prey

And by the pricking of your thumbs
Realize that their poison numbs
From frightful blooms, rank odors seep
Bats & beasties fly & creep

‘Cross this evil land, ill winds blow
Despite the darkness, mushrooms glow
All will rot & decompose
For something wicked this way grows…

The line ‘Something wicked with this comes‘ was originally published by Shakespeare in Macbeth. I really love this line a huge amount of, I really don’t know why, nevertheless it provides me with each of the spooks and scares and just….I want answered the perfect solution what or who might be this wicked? 😀 I reckon that all of us get that feeling right? When you just know inside that something is about to happen or when you realize the black sky in summer and you will know rain or a storm or something wicked about to be released you way 😉 This poem is amazing! Also only three more week to Halloween!

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